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Sharing photos, videos, or even things from your screen can be a great distraction, or can help spur a conversation. Some devices don't support all sharing types, so if you don't see any sharing options, try accessing from a different device.

When you've created a particularly useful collection of custom vocabularies, you can bundle them together to make them public and share with others! NOTE: Bundles are publicly available and re-shareable. Do NOT include any private information in any shared bundles.

You can re-arrange the default layouts, or paste a link to a layout defined somewhere else (for example, a public CoughDrop board)

You can also export your layout list so you can share it with others or load it onto a different device. Hit the button to copy a code you can send to someone else, they can paste it into the "Add Layout" field to use the same layouts as you.

This app was created to provide simple communication supports for isolated individuals who may not be in a situation to speak out loud, but can still benefit from emotional connection from those who cannot be physically present.

You can learn more about how to use the app here.

Choose a button layout and fill it out!
NOTE: you can also load boards from other web sites

Thanks for giving Co-VidSpeak a try! This demo room has expired. We hope you had a chance to try out some of the great features, and see how Co-VidSpeak can help communicators feel more connected and engaged in remote conversations.

When you are ready to use Co-VidSpeak for full-length sessions, please request a join code. Join codes let you host rooms without a timeout, schedule rooms in advance, and paid accounts help us fund the application for families who need Co-VidSpeak in an emergency setting.

Thanks for using Co-VidSpeak! This room has ended. We set a hard limit on room time to prevent abuse. If you have need of longer room sessions for a specific reason, please let us know and we will see how we can accommodate.

This Demo Room will let you try all the features of Co-VidSpeak for yourself to see how the partner conferencing app works, but will expire after 3 minutes of activity. If you would like to use Co-VidSpeak for longer sessions, schedule rooms in advance and have a dedicated join code, please request a join code.

You can invite someone to join this room by sending them a link, scanning and sharing a QR code, or telling them a short-term join code.

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